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Professional Diagnostic and Repair

Is your shower or sink draining slowly? Are your main drain lines constantly building up with tree roots? Allow ASAP Plumbing & HVAC to provide you with our professional diagnostic and repair! Our highly experienced plumbers have the necessary tools, equipment, and technical expertise to tackle any problem you may have.

Don’t allow your home to become one of the millions that are affected every year by back-ups. Even if your drain system seems to be functioning, proactively maintaining your drains will only prolong the life of your plumbing system and limit any disasters.

Call or schedule an appointment with us today to find out how you can be serviced on a consistent basis.

Power Rodding

Although a slow draining vanity sink might not seem like a big deal, it could be an indication of a bigger problem to come. ASAP Plumbing & HVAC has all the proper tools and expertise to resolve a simple problem ranging from a branch line rodding, to the repair of an improperly connected branch line. When it comes to the intricate plumbing system of your home, put your mind at ease and leave it to the experts.

Clean-Out Installations

Outside cleanouts are extremely convenient because you will avoid the headache of moving your belongings to bring in a sewer rodding machine. More importantly, an outside clean-out is necessary so that the drain line could be cleaned with a proper sized blade and in a more efficient manner. The drain lines that are located in the walls increase to a larger diameter once they connect underground. By only having access to an inside clean-out, the rodding is being limited by a smaller sized auger head. ASAP Plumbing & HVAC will televise your main drain line for FREE with the installation of a new clean-out.

Grease Trap & Basin Cleaning

With nearly all multi-unit buildings in the city having one, the purpose of a grease trap is to retain the oil, fat, suds, and other wastes from entering the City’s sewer lines. Once all the grease solidifies, the grease traps need to be cleaned out and wastes need to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Going Green

Help the environment and save money along the way by Going Green for all your HVAC needs. Find out how ASAP Plumbing & HVAC can help you save!

Drain and/or Sewer Line Repairs

A properly installed drain system can work for years until you realize there’s a problem. If and when those problems arise, it is important to have it repaired by ASAP Plumbing & HVAC. With the combination of our vast experience, technologically-advanced equipment and superior workmanship, we will be able to minimize your costs by pinpointing the problem and reducing further damage.

Video Inspection

Reoccurring issues with your drain system could mean a number of different things. Depending on the drain’s location and how it was installed, the drain system could have settled (belly in the pipe), there may be tree root intrusion, or a section of the drain could be broken. By using a 250’ camera reel, locator and monitor to inspect the building’s drain line, we will be able to determine the condition of the pipe, pinpoint any problems, and minimize the cost of repairs and restoration.


Power-rodding the underground drain line is a great way to resolve a problem and perform periodic maintenance. However, to properly maintain the building’s drain system, would mean hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting is your solution to removing years of accumulation by using extremely high pressure and a nozzle that sprays from every direction to cut through anything and everything that has grown on the pipe walls.

ASAP Can Do Even More

  • All drain services
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Pipe lining
  • Underground leak detection

Going Green

Help the environment and save money along the way by Going Green for all your HVAC needs. Find out how ASAP Plumbing & HVAC can help you save!
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